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Rotas Green

The eco-friendly label!

Rotas Italia has a sustainable approach since 40 years, even before laws in this field existed. Sustainability is in our mind.

The 99% of the waste we produce is harmless and the disposal process is constantly monitored from our staff. All the companies responsible for the collection of our waste meet the needed requirements and have the certification to perform this activity.

Treatment tanks are placed inside our headquarters, they gather the liquids used to wash the printing frames; these substances contain harmful acids for the environment. Even cleaning rugs are recycled and reused.

Combining gases with hot water coils we obtain the evaporation of these harmful liquids and the transformation of the waste in a simple mush. We subsequently dispose of it periodically in appropriate containers.

We work mainly with electric power and not gas, which is a lot more harmful for the environment. Electricity is used above all to power the printing machines and the offices (heating and air conditioning systems included).

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We joined RafCycle, an UPM project, an innovative way to recycle based on the reuse of the waste coming from the manufacturing of pressure sensitive labels to produce new materials.

Rafcycle makes the by-products have a “second life” avoiding their inceneration or disposal in landfills and offering several advantages to printing companies, packers and other sector operators and above all to the environment.

Visit Rafcycle’s website here to discover more.

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