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Oil Bottle Labels

Olio Garofoli

Ascolano tenero monovarietale/blend

Olio GAROFOLI label, shaped, 12,5×8,5 cm.

“The design of a shaped cutting with curved borders and without 90° angles comes from the first key suggestion by the client, which is to represent the location of the olive groves that lie on hilly terrain overlooking the sea of Monte Conero.
The perfume of oil benefits from the sea breeze, giving a particular flavor to the product.
The customer asked for a stylized label composed of few elements and colors, with profile or landscape silhouettes.

First, the shaping of the hills and the waves of the sea is created, the size of the enveloping label on the bottle gives it a roundness with a “sliding” and “infinite” colored background where the black element of the always soft profile of olive.

The essential and synthetic design highlights the aerial part of the tree with a glossy BRAILLE effect, while the dark green trunk tends to disappear in the color of the bottle, representing its contents.

White film printing, opaque silk screen printing with GAROFOLI white marking and polished Braile black olives.
The variety of monovarietal-blend oil is differentiated with light color.

A tactile and visual label that announces the analytical and sensorial identity of this 100% Italian product. “

Letizia Mocchegiani

Frantoio Muraglia

“The creation of the glass oil line includes the adoption of a corporate pattern through labels made of polypropylene on bottles of the innovative shape for the sector, further differentiated through glass varnishing to distinguish different types of oil . “

Dispenser Studio


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