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Rotas Italia
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Reach the new frontiers of knowledge

Discover FOR FREE which elements of the label may influence your customers to buy your product

Meet us at DRINKTEC-SIMEI in Munich from September 11 to 15 at our stand (Rotas Italia C3-233) and take part at our test.

How it works

  1. Bring us a sample of your label
  2. Thanks to the Eye Tracking Technology we want to monitor which parts of your label could influence a potential customer on the purchase

Do you want to join a team of innovators who seek new paths through technology?

Expand your value
attract new customers

Each day 137 professionals study, test and create new solutions for the printing of pressure sensitive labels

Why us?

  • We are the first research and printing center of labels in Europe with 7 engineers that study new solutions to create pressure sensitive labels with great performances of application, functions and materials which have never been seen before in the market… and that only the interested customers know
  • In 50 years of activity we have acquired an inimitable experience
  • Negli ultimi 3 anni ben 15 etichette sono state premiate a livello internazionale per la loro capacità innovativa
  • In the last 3 years 15 labels have been awarded at international level for their innovation
  • We protect nature: 99% of our production waste are innocuous for the environment

It is not important how complex your idea is, we have the knowledge and the tools to surprise you.

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Our solutions have helped our customers grow their business.