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Rotas Art

The interactive guide
for museums and art exhibitions

Innovative video guide for tablet and smartphone that automatically presents descriptions and details on the artworks the user is admiring through vocal notes and interactive pages.

Rotas Art App guida per musei

Benefits for the curator


This tool will arouse new visitors’s curiosity, will guide them in the artistic path making them discover new cultural places, enhancing their experience.


The curator will be able to read reports on the people entering the cultural attraction and how they move around in it.

The collected information will be useful also for security reasons.


Reports are updated in real-time, ready to be posted on the media and keep your audience informed.

Benefits for the visitor

The visitors will be guided towards the cultural destinations they planned to visit since the moment of their arrival to the city. Even in case of weak GPS signal many useful directions will be available in the app.

The visitors, following the guided path, will encounter various attractions (based on their profile) that will make their journey even more exciting!

Visitors will be able to automatically get all the info on the artwork they are admiring through their mobile devices.

The itineraries can be customized by age and language in order to guarantee a great experience to everyone. Music and virtual reality will easily be integrated.

You will have the chance to make new friends!

Art is social! Visitors will be able vote their favourite artworks and take a look at the ranking in real-time to see which are the most popular!


Do you want your artworks talk to your visitors?

Discover how we can give you this opportunity