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Rotas Italia

The exclusive solution by Rotas for a few luxury brands

Some symbols go through the centuries keeping their strength and meaning unaltered. Even if we no longer live in cold stone castles, in front of a letter with a resin seal, we immediately recognize its value, authenticity, and strength.

Before us generations and generations of princes, kings and popes marked documents with seals to instill their kingship in them.

But this also had another function, no less important: to sanction the exclusivity of the content of the letter, reserved only for a few selected recipients.

And it is by recalling a past that is still strong in the collective imagination that Rotas will present its new self-adhesive resin seal during the Packaging Première.

As modern artisans in the world of Industry 4.0, they have applied the technology of the application in reel to the elegance of the royal seal in resin, creating a label destined to crown the most excluded brands in the international luxury scene.

During the Première Packaging you will have the opportunity to admire its aesthetics, discovering the uncorrupted strength of a timeless elegance.


Imagine them as modern explorers who sail on routes never beaten before for the sheer pleasure of discovery, but intead of three caravels they have printing machines designed by them and expert cartographers have been replaced with a Research & Development center that counts engineers and researchers able to always find new solutions.

For 50 years their “crew”, composed of 140 professionals, has dedicated all their energies, intellectuals and materials, in a mission: to ennoble the graphic rendering of self-adhesive labels, making the most daring requests of graphic studies possible.

Almost all their production lines are the result of a maniacal and incessant internal research, starting from 1966, when, in a world that seems far and “analog” to date, they conceived and created the first self-adhesive printing machine in roll at home (first case in history). From that moment on the road was marked: they would become a company with the spirit of the research center.

Since 2000 they have been studying and printing RFID (radiofrequency) labels, scanning new frontiers in the field of the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0.

The best synthesis for Rotas’ pioneering vocation was given during the delivery of the Press Oscar 2017: “You are the best at finding solutions that do not exist yet”.

Their discoveries are internationally registered: they have obtained 6 patents internationally, the first dating back to 1980 and linked to three-dimensional drawings.

In 2006, anticipating everyone worldwide, they designed and produced in-house the first radio-frequency inlay with a metal antenna, which is still used in a well-known supermarket chain.

To discover the wonders “Made in Rotas” you just have to visit the second edition of Packaging Première, from May 15 to 17 at the MiCo, Milano Congressi (Milan, Italy).

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    The following are clients who have increased their business using our solutions.

    “In these 10 years of partnership Rotas has accompanied us in the delicate switch from the hot glue to the self-adhesive labels, providing advice on the materials and on the production process; ours is a complex reality that includes 60 formats and 1200 different types of labels.”

    Giorgio Luxardo – Luxardo Group

    “Careful, helpful and experienced people: Rotas is what you can really define a “partner”, not only a supplier.”

    Luciano Ercolino – Vinosia

    “For too many years we have considered typography as a simple label provider to ask for price and quality, with Rotas this relationship has changed and we have discovered a real partner that helps us developing new projects through constant research and new ways to improve the image of our products.”

    Valentino Sciotti – Farnese Group