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  • 29 Jun 2021

BIOLABEL, the ecological label made in Rotas. With us since 2009 and increasingly in demand.

For years, Rotas Italia has developed and adopted a new type of sustainable and water-resistant adhesive label: Biolabel.

It is obtained from stone and it is not paper nor plastic film.

The eco-friendly material that composes these labels is of natural origin and maintains an appearance similar to paper, guaranteeing an excellent level of quality both visual and tactile, as well as energy savings and reduced environmental impact.

In fact, it has up to 80% recycled content and no water is used during its production, nor trees are cut down.

In addition, the production process guarantees low energy consumption and lower CO2 emissions, as well as a minimum use of chemicals and ink and a decrease in wastewater and solid waste.

Biolabel self-adhesive labels are tear-resistant and resistant to water, grease and mold. They also have functional and performance advantages that our customers have been able to appreciate in terms of innovative solutions.

Compared to 1 ton of paper (approx.10,000 m2), Biolabel:

  • Saves 81 m3 of water (200 bathtubs)
  • Saves 800,000 kcal = 360 kWh (450 hours of running)
  • Reduces the CO2 release by almost 600 kg (30,000 balloons)