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  • 20 Sep 2017



Did you know that the 85% of the human choices are determined by unconscious factors that cannot be controlled?

What can you do to take advantage of this? The answer is as simple as complex: you have to make relive known sensations to your potential customers through their sense.  

Below some famous examples to help you to understand how you can attract new clients using the sensory marketing.

You must remember that the senses are five, so it is important to exploit them all at maximum in order to attract new clients.

The chain of shops Abercrombie & Fitch, which is a famous US brand of casual clothing for teenagers, has structured the layout of its stores in such a way that each sense were stimulated (very high music, darkness, perfume and models dancing in front of the clients) making them very similar to the trendy clubs.

Can a sound reinforce the brand?

This is a question that even someone inside the Coca Cola Company has made to himself when they decided to start studying for years and years the specific sound that the cans of the famous drink make at their opening, which transmit a sensation of freshness.

In 1927 The Coca Cola Company transmitted its first radio advertising; since that moment the company has periodically modified the presentation of the beverage with new innovations about the packaging, but it has always kept unchanged the sounds of it in order to reassure the clients that the content was unchanged.

Combining the sounds that remember the thirst and the freshness of the beverage, Joe Belliotti, who is the leader of the global music marketing sector of the company, designed the famous soundtrack of the global campaign “Taste the Feeling”. 

How to stimulate the impulse buying exploiting the label

At the end the touch is a sense that many times is underestimated, but it is able to trigger into you a immediately mnemonic connection against a known sensation: in short words, when you touch something your memory becomes active and can bring you positive or negative memories.

Most of times the touch determines the decision of the client increasing the impulse buying.

When you think of a new label to create, you have always to consider the variety of processing that can make it unique at the touch. Among all the Soft Touch is for sure one of the most talented.

The Soft Touch will give to your label a sensation of softness; the surface will remember the velvet to your client , transmitting  a sense of refinement and elegance.

What do you think about these examples? Do you involve the senses of your potential clients?