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  • 30 Oct 2017

Rotas Italia

Traceability technology in the fight against counterfeiting

Thursday 13 April 2017 – 9.30 am
Hall of the Mappamondo, Palazzo Montecitorio

Rotas has been invited by the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry on Phenomenon of Counterfeiting, Piracy in Commercial and Abuse Trade to Meet on Traceability and Counterfeiting Issues.

We have participated in setting up our most advanced technologies and most respectable case studies: from our 6 core elements, which we tested and evaluated, to the potential of collaboration with gas and information technology giants.

Among the participants we have had the pleasure of meeting with Mario Catania, Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry on Counterfeiting Phenomenon, Commercial Piracy and Abuse Trade, Carlo Maria Medaglia, Director of the Research Department at Link Campus University in Rome and Loredana Gulino, Director of the General Directorate at the MISE for Fighting Contraception (DGLC-UIBM) as well as representatives of the leading companies, along with Rotas, at this meeting.