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  • 26 Apr 2021

Research is a team effort.

The stronger the team and with an international vision, the more the research is useful.
Rotas has always supported research, actively collaborating with various projects carried out, in this case, together with the prestigious German universities Geisenheim, Mannheim, as well as with the Australian one in Adelaide.
Prof. Dr. Sergely Szolnoki has been an active researcher on the value of the message of the label on the bottle, since his PhD thesis. He has chosen the collaboration of Rotas for his research, to scientifically demonstrate, through numerous projects, the influence of packaging in the perception of wine itself.
The latest of these concerns a study focused on the development of packaging for wines obtained from vine varieties that are tolerant to fungus, which therefore reduce the use of pesticides or chemical elements.
One of the objectives is to test the effect of labels on the consumer, with the aim of strengthening the visual communication of this new and particular method of sustainable cultivation.
An article on the topic has been published in the German magazine ddw, which we invite you to read here.

Collaboration in the field of “Visual Communication
As numerous scientific studies have confirmed in the last decades, wine packaging plays a decisive role in the purchase decision-making and often also in wine evaluation. Prof. Dr. Gergely Szolnoki, who devoted his entire doctoral thesis to the subject, avails himself of the contribution of an international partner in this field. The market research professor at the Hochschule Geisenheim University has been collaborating with the Italian label manufacturer Rotas for two years. The company is headquartered in Northern Italy and, with its extensive technological advances, is one of the most innovative printing companies in the world.
This partnership has already brought to the realisation of three projects. In a study conducted together with the Universität Mannheim, the Weincampus Neustadt and the University of Adelaide, researchers have examined how different elements of packaging influence wine perception. Partial results of the research have been disclosed during international conferences, while a scientific article on it is currently submitted to an international academic journal. With the help of Rotas, global trends in the wine packaging sector have been analysed and innovative retro-labels and their impact on the German market tested.
The results have already been published in practice-oriented journals and presented at conferences. Rotas and the professor are currently working together on a project focused on product development for wines made from mushroom-tolerant vine varieties. One of the targets is to test the effect of the labels, which aim to strengthen the visual communication of these vine varieties, on consumers. Since wine packaging offers an infinite number of research possibilities, Prof Szolnoki of Hochschule Geisenheim University and Dr. Celante, founder and owner of Rotas, are convinced of a long-term collaboration in the field of “messages on the bottle”.